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So I was bad today and went to a local place for breakfast. The restaurant is called Ham and Eggs and it's one of those hole-in-the-wall places that many people love. Lots of the Dallas Cowboys come here to eat, I hear. Just wanted everyone to see the size of the portions they give. Look at that massive biscuit!

Omelet du MEAT

Party time!

Finally getting back into the swing of normal (boring) life here in Dallas. Had a good time at Elliott's Fall Festival in Orlando, and it was a lot of fun hanging with folks there. Val, Adam and Spain are quite the cutups, and along with the usual suspects down there, made for a really good time partying. I'm looking forward to the chance to go again in January. :)

Until then, back to the grind...

Out with the old

Got out in the garage today and went through some of the old storage boxes that have been languishing in there for a couple of years. It was like opening a time capsule, and I found a few old gems like my copy of Command and Conquer: Red Alert (which plays under Parallels :), but most of the stuff is like 'WTF, why do I have this still? Norton Systemworks 2000? An Iomega Ditto drive? My first tablet from 10 years ago? Insurance information from a job I had 7 years ago?'. To the curb with you evil clutter which befouls the corners of my mind! Spooooon!

Going to a party

Finally worked out a way to get a weekend off so I'm taking one next month to go Orlando. I'll be down there to hang with folks and attend Elliott's Fall Festival, so anyone who is going or thinking of going, I'll probably see you there.

If you're curious about the event, you can find info here: Elliott's Live Events. You can also find out who is already going by looking here: Attendies

Certain to be a lot of fun. :)

Being nocturnal can suck

I've come to the conclusion over the past few months that I really hate being up all night while everyone else is asleep. I don't like sitting around alone at work or at home after everyone I know has logged off and gone to bed, leaving me to stare at the silent walls. I used to be fine with doing things alone at nights, but that's really changed recently. I've gone from being a solo night person to being someone who's on a nocturnal schedule when he wants to be awake and around when everyone else is.

Dealing with the Dealership

I'm up way too early (or late for me) sitting around at the local GM dealership to get my car inspected. I really hate having to deal with this every year, and I'm always skeptical about what they might do after they fried the computer on it a couple years back.

MoonCon 2007

Had a nice relaxing weekend for my birthday, and someone gifted me a paid subscription to LJ, so I figured I should put it to use (Thanks Lunden).

draco751 came to visit for the weekend, his plane arrived very very early Friday morning, and since I had to work out that morning, we both sorta passed out and slept all day and part of the night. Sleep good. After that we got up and went out to dinner with Wolf Kidd at a place here we've never been before, Buffalo Wild Wings. Ban recommended it, and the food was actually quite good, and the place fun. After that we went back to my place to watch some TV and such (I did say a relaxed weekend :)

Ban and I seemed to get stuck in our nocturnal cycle after that, which is normal for me, actually, so we were up all night and wound up sleeping all day after that. Saturday we got up late and wandered off to the mall so Ban could look at shirts and such, and mostly just wandering around. Vincent also made an appearance that evening and I have to say that Tasha (my husky) was rather confused by the tall, two-legged wolf walking around. It was quite amusing to watch. :) After that Ban and I wandered off to dinner at a nice restaurant in Grapevine called the Silver Fox steakhouse. Pricey (valet parking!), but the food was incredibly good. Ban got chocolate cake so rich and good he ate on it twice over the weekend and still left some in my fridge.

Sunday was further lazing around and sleeping in (which everyone who knows me will realize I NEVER do normally) and we got up to wander off to Jimmy Johns for a sammich. A new store opened right across the street, and I have to say it's a nice shop. A quick trip to pick up something for a friend and then back to the apartment to watch the Funday Pawpet Show. We came up with a fun picture for latinvixen02 to submit for the Pawpet Art jam and worked on that while we watched. It was definitely fun to interact with the show in that way. :) A bit later we hooked up with Flukr and video chatted with him a bit over Skype where he showed us his new apartment at school (mmmm, nice wall decorations) and at some point Vincent came back to say hello to Fluke and confuse Tasha more. :)

More sleeping in on Monday, and a quick late dash to the airport that evening to get Ban on his plane. Such times make having a big, quick car worth the extra expense.

Definitely one of the most enjoyable birthdays I've had in a long time.


Prelim AC report

Flying back home from DC today, so not much time to give a report. I'll just give you the perfectly summarized version for now:


That is all. :)

Happy Birthday Sue

Birthday wishes to everyone's favorite doe, susandeer;. Send her lots of FluffyPuff Marshmallows!

FC Report

(note: I've cross-posted this, so apologies to those who have already read it)

I'm not sure how much of a con report I can give for FC other than to say that I had a good time and enjoyed meeting those friends that I only see a couple times a year at such gatherings. I even managed to make a few new friends and meet several people I had known only online, all of which was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. Perhaps I can best sum it up in a few factoids in no particular order:

Sleep at cons is much less fun than hanging out all night to maximize the time spent with friends. Lack of sleep also helps with my problem sleeping on planes.

Java's use of color and texture in her work is even more impressive when seen in person.

Big Green Roo fursuits named Duncan (very specific, I know) are cute and give very enjoyable hugs!

Vincent knows how to rip up the dance floor in the most murry of ways. Le sigh.

Cosine the citra is as cute as a button, and true to his species in that respect.

MicahFennec is a very nice and pleasant person to meet. (You must say hello to her!)

Malin and Rolo are one of the most charming and pleasant couples I have ever met.

BrerFoxxe and Alopex from Sofawolf Press are very gracious hosts.

Shinigamigirl has a wonderfully alluring accent.

BNG is one of the nicest Brits I have ever met, and he knows a proper chip when he sees one.

One can get lost going to In N Out Burger.

SueDeer didn't bring her evil ixi to the con. Bad Sue! She also sold a shirt about Moonpoking. Hmmm...

Banshee, Cosieko and Fluke are fun people to meet and hang with, and the first two are fellow husky owners. Floof Power!

People at FC were nice enough to buy CD's from me even though I wasn't the one selling them. Thanks Jace!

Blotch's work makes me almost regret being a digital artist.

Colson likes his Colts, dammit!

I still love watching Zaush draw.

These shoes rule... these shoes suck!

The fish and chips at the hotel restaurant is pretty good.

Curry Chicken and Rice served in an Irish pub is even better!

And that's just scratching the surface.  :)

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